Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

At Opal law, we have a highly effective and dedicated IP law team specialized in competitions law, anti-counterfeiting, trademarks, patents and industrial designs and copyrights practice.

Our team of lawyers have advised and continue to provide legal solutions to the teaming tech start-up industry in Nigeria on the intellectual property law aspect of software technology and growing technology, innovation-centred and creative industry.

As a firm, we have handled and are well positioned professionally to advise and conclude franchise deals on behalf of our clients. We continue to offer our services in this regard.

Our lawyers are members of intellectual property sub-committee of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law – The NBA-SBL. Our lawyers are also members of the Intellectual Property Lawyers Association of Nigeria.

Our IP practice is located in Lagos with extensive professional networks and agents in Abuja and are always available to offer our service. Our IP Law experts Tony Ibekwe and Wofai Jimmy Robert may be contacted on and respectively for more information and possible legal service.